Leatherbacks Evaluations and Spring Training Announced!

Summer Evaluations

We will be holding Summer 2021 Player Evaluations on Sunday, February 14 at Patch Reef Park.
This summer, the South Florida Leatherbacks will be fielding teams in the High School (2022-2024), U-14 (2025, 2026), U-12 (2027, 2028), U-10 (2029, 2030) and U-8 (2031 & younger) age groups.
The Leatherbacks summer program will feature 10-12 practices, a local pre-season Mini Camp, and 3 tournaments beginning in mid-May and ending in late-June. Regional tournaments like the Orlando Summer Faceoff are confirmed.
Our Player Evaluations on February 14 will allow the Leatherbacks staff to assess each player and place them appropriately within the program.
To reserve your spot in the summer program, please register for Player Evaluations on February 14 at the link below. The $50 deposit will be applied to your Summer Tuition.
The summer teams will begin practice in mid-May.
Please email James Foote at srpdirector@sweetlaxlacrosse.com if you are unable to attend player evaluations.

Spring Training

New for 2021 is the Leatherbacks Spring Training Program. Spring Training is an opportunity for our Leatherbacks coaching staff to provide valuable training for our youth players in preparation for the Summer tournament season.
This program will feature small group training weekly from late-February through April. All players, new and returning, are encouraged to sign-up. Please keep in mind this is only open to Elementary and Middle School student-athletes.
Spring Training will take place on Sunday afternoons at Patch Reef Park. Elementary Schoolers will train from 1:00PM-2:30PM and Middle Schoolers will train from 2:30PM-4:00PM.
Spring Training Dates:
Sunday, February 28
Sunday, March 7
Sunday, March 21
Sunday, March 28
Sunday, April 4
Sunday, April 11
Sunday, April 25
Elementary School Sessions – 1:00PM-2:30PM
Middle School Sessions – 2:30PM-4:00PM
To reserve your spot in the Spring Training program, please register at this link: https://sfleatherbacks.leagueapps.com/events/2126908-leatherbacks—spring-training

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