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The Sweetlax Mission is to provide our club members with individual player development and team-building skills while bringing National College exposure through participation in competitive and elite tournaments. Our focus is on a player's continual improvement both on the field and in the classroom while assisting them with the College placement process.

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The Sweetlax Footprint.

From New York, all the way down to Florida, Sweetlax has placed its footprint on the lacrosse landscape. Sweetlax offers one National team, four State teams (Sweetlax Upstate, Sweetlax Florida, Sweetlax South and Sweetlax Carolina), and a multitude of regional programs spread throughout four different states.

elite players.

elite teams.

Players who compete on Sweetlax Teams plan to advance to the Collegiate level. Sweetlax excels in getting our players placed at a school that allows them to continue to develop their skills and compete at a high level while also fitting their academic criteria. Our elite status ensures participation in select tournaments that are attended by Division I, II, and III coaches. Sweetlax holds tryouts at the end of each summer, to ensure that the caliber of play is always at the most competitive level. By having one team per graduation year, it ensures a very competitive environment with each player battling to receive the invitation to join Sweetlax for that particular season.