Sweetlax Upstate - Upstate Director Brad Gillies / brad@sweetlaxlacrosse.com

Sweetlax Florida - Dommie Giacona / florida@sweetlaxlacrosse.com or Director of Lacrosse Operations Tommy Costanza / dolo@sweetlaxlacrosse.com

Sweetlax Carolina - Carolina Director Ira Vanterpool / carolina@sweetlaxlacrosse.com

Sweetlax Colorado - Colorado Director Ryan Hilburn / colorado@sweetlaxlacrosse.com

Sweetlax Lacrosse currently has elite and regional programs in Upstate New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado.

Sweetlax Upstate, Florida, Carolina, and Colorado are elite club lacrosse programs that focuses on developing player skills and teamwork while stressing the importance of academic performance to reach the College level.
All teams find themselves traveling to the various elite tournaments; all teams have experienced tremendous success and we aim to put our players in the best position (tournaments) to succeed on the National level!
Sweetlax complements the Town, Modified, and High School lacrosse programs by providing additional coaching, competitive tournaments, and the needed networking to achieve College and University placement.
Sweetlax are members of the National Lacrosse Federation (NLF) giving them access to the most competitive tournaments in the country. Most importantly, Sweetlax assists all players in finding the best college fit and does this by putting them up against some of the best players in the country. 
Our Regional Programs work with our State programs to provide great competition with limited long-distance travel and one of the most cost-effective prices in town. It's not required to play on both the regional and state teams but is an added bonus to learn from some of the coaches and develop the same fundamentals that are coached across all programs. 

Yes, Sweetlax offers a National Team. National team selections are chosen from our Upstate, Florida, Carolina and Colorado teams.

Any questions on registration invoices can be directed to your respective Club Director. 

Please email, that Clubs Director prior to the event they are attending and our staff will notify Coaches.

Sweetlax is primarily a male program. 

Sweetlax has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Please visit the bottom of the website homepage to follow!

Fall and Summer Travel Teams

For Sweetlax, the helmet is required for all teams besides our 2029 and below teams. 

A web store will be offered twice a year, once for the Fall travel team and once for the Summer travel team. All web store information will be emailed to each team member and a link will also be on their team page.

Playing with Sweetlax is exclusive. Players are expected to not play for any other nationally branded clubs while playing for Sweetlax. They are allowed to play for regional teams that play in state, but we expect that all of our players play with us, and us only.

Sweetlax Lacrosse does not allow players to play up. To showcase a player to their true ability, it is best for them to be showcased with players in the same graduation year. If a spot is needed in a tournament, this is a special circumstance and will be decided by the coaches.

We do not guarantee playing time, and our coaches have control over who is placed on the field based on how they are playing.

Please bring all equipment - sticks, gloves, pads, mouth guard, helmet, and pinnie. Each player is also responsible for bringing their own water, hydration is a key element in the players’ performance. Our Coaches will break regularly for water, please pack enough for the duration of the event.

All information regarding practice will be listed on the respective team page.

We suggest arriving the night before a tournament to ensure that you arrive on time. If you are flying, we suggest flying in the night before, and booking your return home flight 6:00p and later. Most championship games are done by 5:00p, but make sure you give yourself time to travel to the airport.

For all information on club membership, please contact the Club Director. 

The team price includes; unparalleled college recruitment advising, tournament fees, 3 piece custom uniform (shooter shirt, short and pinnie), and team practices.

There will be one tryout in August for the Fall and Summer team. If a player is unable to attend tryouts please reach out to that Club's Director for alternate plans.

If a player commits and pays for a season they are obligated to play short of an injury. Anyone accepting a roster spot has been picked ahead of other players so it’s important they honor their commitment. No refunds will be given if a player quits the team as they will leave a void on our rosters.

Camps and Clinics

We are always looking to help develop new players. Sweetlax Camps, Clinics, and Individual/Group Training are OPEN to all players. You do NOT need to be on a Club team to attend. We are continuously looking to #growthegame and introduce lacrosse to as many players as possible. Check out our Sweetlax Academy Page for all programming. 

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time (allow for more time if you need to register). Please have your player dressed in their gear and ready to play prior to the event starting (unless otherwise noted by the Coaches).

Each player needs to come to their scheduled event with all gear (sticks, gloves, pads, mouth guard, helmet, and pinnie). Each player is also responsible for bringing their own water to last the duration of the event. Hydration is a key element in the players’ performance. If a player forgets their water, please be sure to have them let the Coach know so that we can accommodate.